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Our Values


Quality is in our name; the true guiding principle of all that we promise, do and deliver consistently in our conduct, performances and services.

Ethical & Excellence

We comply with the standards of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) of International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use and aspire to the ideals of The World Medical Association (WMA) Declaration of Helsinki.

We drive excellence through respect for our clients, trial subjects, community and employees.

Specialized & Innovative

Specialist services customized to clients’ needs and innovation in clinical research as a fundamental approach in finding better ways to the prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as promotion of better health.

Timeliness & Integrity

Predictable and effective outcomes that meet timelines with total data integrity.


Consistent reliable service culture in performance with highest quality while adhering to all regulatory requirements.

Assurance & Adaptability

Building and harnessing integrative, adaptable and collaborative partnership by ensuring a conducive environment for the researchers, partners and trial subjects.

Stringent Quality Management

Our quality assurance and quality control systems with written SOPs have been designed to ensure the validity of the BE studies conducted both in our clinical and bioanalytical facilities and also clinical trials.
Our QA personnel is qualified, trained and experienced to monitor, audit and assure that:

  • Every trial is performed in compliance with the protocol, principles of GCP and the applicable ethical and regulatory requirements
  • The validation of bioanalytical methods and the analysis of BE study samples are conducted according to the applicable principles of GLP.

Our track record of successful inspections by regulatory authorities and clients attests to the robustness of our QA program.